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Designer & Developer

With a background in graphic design and photography, I followed my love of code into the wonderful world wide web.

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What I'm Good At

I studied as a graphic designer, but through internships, online courses, and practice I worked my way into web design and front-end development. I enjoy making beautiful, orderly designs and also getting to code them into finished products.

My Resume

Web Design

Analytics should guide the design process, but there's no substitute for experience. I'm well versed in every step of the creative process, from creating personas and wireframes to crafting pixel-perfect mockups and exporting optimized assets.

Front-end Development

Front-end code is where form and function meet. I strive for writing clean, well-organized code, making use of modern frameworks and pre-processors to help with the heavy lifting.

Print Design

Design principles apply across disciplines, but the technical requirements for print work distinguish it from digital media. I'm familiar with handling its unique challenges like setting up bleeds, proofing colors, and adjusting for creep.


First impressions matter and it's important to convey the right tone through branding. I enjoy getting to create color palletes, design vector logos, and draft guidelines to keep brands looking good and consistent.


What I've Done

These are a handful of projects that I'm proud of, both professional and personal. Check out my Dribbble and CodePen accounts for more examples of my work.


Where I've Been

Internships got my foot in the door and a combination of full time work and the occasional freelance project have given me a well-rounded experience.


Web Designer

Speak Creative

Designing and developing custom websites for varied clientele. Preforming revisions, browser checks, and bug fixes. Collaborating with the creative team and dialoguing with clients.

OCT 2015 - FEB 2017

Graphic & Web Designer

Rainforest Trust

Maintained and modified the company website. Designed materials for both print and digital media.

JAN 2015 - APR 2015

SADA Work Study

Liberty University

Designed promotional materials for departmental use and helped set up and run art gallery exhibitions.

AUG 2014 - DEC 2014

Web Design Intern

434 Marketing

Studied multiple coding languages and web patterns. Inserted and styled content for WordPress websites.

JUN 2014 - AUG 2014

Visual Design Intern

International Mission Board

Created print materials for student outreach projects. Revised and designed web graphics.


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